Episode 21: Thomas Danthony

On Pushing Yourself and Delivering Your Best Work on Every Project


In this episode, I chat with illustrator and commercial artist Thomas Danthony about his creative career path, his beautifully pared-down work and his creative process.

Thomas Danthony is a French illustrator and artist based in Barcelona and London. Thomas’ striking work uses a limited but cohesive color palette and clever composition and lighting to convey a mood or idea. Over the years, Thomas has become famous and won awards for his commercial work alternating big commercial campaigns with clients like Magnum and Hennessy with some editorial work for the New York Times and a healthy dose of personal projects. Thomas has also been developing his painting to emulate the way he works digitally which is very precise and using layers in Photoshop. Currently Thomas is represented by the prestigious London based agency Handsome Frank, which also represents a number of other talented artists like Malika Favre and Thibaud Herem. He also works with the Paris based agency Tiphaine on French projects.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how Thomas shifted focus from industrial and furniture design to illustration

  • how Thomas used personal projects to attract commercial clients and get agents

  • why Thomas believes using the tools "the wrong way" helped develop his distinct style

  • how Thomas deals with perfectionism

  • how Thomas navigates client relationships

  • why Thomas has a set routine for his workdays

  • how climbing lets Thomas unwind and disconnect from his work

We also talk about an important gallery show that Thomas is organizing with 50 artists to help preserve endangered lands called Touchwood. You can find out more about the event here.


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