Episode 25: Robin Davey

Success and Breaking Through Self-Doubt


In this episode, I talk with animator and illustrator Robin Davey about his long and successful career as a freelance animator, how he deals with self doubt, and how he continues to learn new skills.

Robin Davey is an animator and illustrator represented by Agent Pekka. Robin is well known for his cute, bouncy characters, simple and bold shapes, and cheerful color palettes. His animations are full of joy and expression. Robin is a master at animating facial expressions and body movements in a way that doesn’t feel stiff or childish and is guaranteed to make you smile. Robin has a ton of experience animating and working with brands and publications such as Google, Microsoft, the BBC, The Atlantic, Wired, Nickelodeon, and Logitech.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how Robin started animating

  • Robin's experience working on big teams at studios like Nexus, Aardman, and Studio AKA

  • Robin's struggle with self doubt and the ups and downs of freelancing

  • Robin's creative process

  • how and why Robin continues to learn new skills

  • Robin's advice for illustrators and animators starting out


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