Episode 12: Marylou Faure

Building a Career, Dealing with Criticism, and Pricing Your Work


Marylou Faure is a French illustrator and artist based in London, whose colorful and playful style has attracted companies like Google, Spotify, Lyft, and Nike. Recently, Marylou hosted her first solo exhibition, “Nobody’s Baby,” featuring nude women in elusive poses. Her women-focused work has established Marylou as a modern voice on issues of femininity, the female form, and voyeurism.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how Marylou went from having zero clients, zero experience, and zero contacts to becoming a successful commercial and editorial illustrator

  • struggles Marylou faced in the beginning, including defining her style, finding clients, and negotiating a fair deal

  • why it’s important to stick to your beliefs and defend your stylistic choices as an illustrator (and how Marylou did this when she started)

  • quoting prices, negotiating, and making sure you get what you deserve for your illustration work


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