Episode 02: Greg Gunn

On illustration, animation and tips for creating


In this episode , I interview the multifaceted Greg Gunn. As an illustrator, animator, creative director, content creator and author, Greg is a veritable Swiss Army knife of creativity. In addition to his role as creative director at the LA agency Blind (headed by the legendary Chris Do), Greg is a content creator and author for the education platform The Futur, which has one of the most successful design-focused channels on YouTube. But he doesn't stop there; Greg’s personal projects include illustrating a year of dog walkers, making weekly animations for his Mythical Mondays project, and making prints and pins. Greg also co-founded the multidisciplinary studio Three Legged Legs where he worked with brands like AT&T, Sony, Virgin America, NASA and others on animation and illustration projects.

Greg and I talk a good deal about the intersections between illustration and animation. I take advantage of Greg’s extensive experience in both fields to ask him about the future of illustration, whether illustrators should animate and how illustrators can get started quickly with animation. We also talk about Greg’s voracious appetite for personal projects, how he manages to have a full-time job and keep up his robust personal creative practice, and what he's learned about self-promotion from his colleagues and from Chris Do at The Futur. This is a really useful episode for illustrators who want to start animating, or who just want to keep up with what illustrators can do to stay relevant today.