Episode 13: Thibaud Hérem

A Philosophy of Image-Making, Craft, and Hard Work


Thibaud Hérem is a French illustrator based in London, known in particular for his incredibly detailed and precise drawings of buildings. Each of Thibaud's pieces are hand-drawn, following a careful process of line-making and sometimes coloring by hand. Thibaud has worked with many brands and companies, including Soho House, Liberty, Samsung, and Herman Miller.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • craft, practice, and why Thibaud thinks  respect for one's craft is one of the most important things an artist or illustrator can cultivate

  • how Thibaud manages to inject so much detail and charm into each of his drawings

  • being careful and selective about the kind of project you agree to

  • whether or not to work for free when starting out


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