Episode 23: Matthew LeBaron

An Insider’s Guide to the Business of Illustration


In this episode, I talk with agent and founder of Much Creative, Matthew LeBaron, about his experiences and lessons learned from representing artists for over a decade.

After studying illustration at SVA and FTI, Matthew discovered a love for representing artists and changed his career path. He has over a decade of experience working with and representing artists and illustrators. Most recently, Matthew launched Collab+, an innovative portal that allows creatives to look for one-off project management, negotiation, and contract assistance, and that helps buyers find qualified creatives to fit their projects and budgets.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how and when to negotiate with clients

  • tips for pricing your work and quoting

  • how Instagram impacts illustrators today

  • how to communicate with clients professionally

  • how to get work as an illustrator

  • whether you need one style as an illustrator

  • how to reach out to clients and promote your work

  • why you need to pay attention to usage rights in your contracts

  • when you should seek representation


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