Episode 03: Cabeza Patata

3D Illustration, Self Promotion, and Collaboration


Katie Menzies and Abel Reverter are the creative duo behind Cabeza Patata. He’s a 3D artist and animator; she’s an illustrator and craftswoman—but, as I learn in this interview, they both do it all. These two are redefining what it means to illustrate. Their illustrations are wonderfully tangible 3D creations that look as though they’re molded out of plasticine. The studio's impressive client list includes The New York Times, Google, Apple, Spotify, Adobe, and many more.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • getting started in illustration

  • how to collaborate successfully

  • self-promotion and getting clients

  • the many gender stereotypes that often plague the fields of illustration and animation

  • how Katie and Abel work together, how they got started, and how they continue to learn and produce impactful, unique work


  • Abel and Katie use three main applications to complete their illustrations: Procreate on the iPad Pro for sketching; Cinema 4D for 3D modeling and rendering; Marvelous Designer to make the clothing for their characters

  • Abel's recs for learning 3D illustration and animation: GreyScale Gorilla; E.G. Hassenfratz from Eye Design

  • Poliigon is a resource for good 3D renders, HDRs, and textures.

  • Katie and Abel mentioned having used Freshbooks for accounting.

  • Katie mentioned being inspired by women filmmakers like Lena Dunham, Greta Gerwig, and Issa Rae.

  • Podcast recs: Katie listens to the BBC Woman’s Hour every day. Abel likes 99% Invisible.

  • Book recs: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee; Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

  • Movie recs: Katie mentions really enjoying Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha. Abel talks about watching Ladybird over three times with Katie. Abel also confesses his love for coming of age movies and mentions Boyhood and Eighth Grade as prime examples of why he loves the genre.

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