Episode 24: Laurie Rowan

Take Charge of Your Creative Career


In this episode, I chat with animator, director, and illustrator, Laurie Rowan about his wonderfully addictive animations and how he got to where he is now.

An animator, director, and illustrator based in the U.K., Laurie is well-known for his uniquely tactile pastel animations of quirky wobbly characters. Laurie started working in the animation industry 13 years ago, working his way up in small and bigger studios and creating animations for phone games, TV, and websites. In 2017, Laurie attended the character design conference Pictoplasma and realized he desperately wanted to created original work for himself. For the next few months, Laurie challenged himself to create one short animation a week that he would post on Instagram every Saturday. It was a simple and open-ended brief, but Laurie quickly hit his stride. Today Laurie has established himself as an innovative animator and has worked with brands like Google, Disney, and the BBC.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • why Laurie likes to draw every day

  • how Laurie discovered his unique style and voice

  • how bird mating rituals and Tupperware inspired some of Laurie's animations

  • Laurie's routine and his tips for separating work and life

  • how Laurie gets inspired


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