Episode 06: Brad Woodard

Building a Creative Practice with Multiple Streams of Income


Brad Woodard is an illustrator, designer, and visual creative. He owns the popular design and commercial illustration studio, Brave the Woods, which he runs with his wife, Krystal Woodard. This episode is all about how visual creatives can leverage their unique talents toward building a sustainable business that doesn't rely solely on commission or client work.

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • how to explore different styles while staying true to your message

  • how to ask questions and learn from your heroes

  • how to stand out on crowded content platforms like YouTube and Skillshare

  • how to think about building multiple streams of income as a visual creative

  • how to email people you want to work with (hint: it's all about connection)

  • how to leverage tools like LinkedIn to find and target clients

  • how to structure your client work with milestones to avoid excessive feedback loops


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